Ultrasound Beauty Machine

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Ultrasound Beauty Machine

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Using a powerful and powerful sound wave head, ultrasound beauty machine can emit a combined sound wave of 40000HZ, vibrating fat cells at the fastest speed, generating a large number of vacuum balloons inside and outside the fat cells, intensively impacting fat cells to produce an inward explosion and decomposing triglycerides into glycerol and free. fatty acid. The integrated glycerol and free fatty acids are then expelled through the hepatic and intestinal circulation using RF waves at a frequency of 1 MHz. Finally, vacuum RF and energy electrodes are used to position and tighten the fat. In physics, it is called "cavitation." Micro-pore inward and outward explosion of cells may lead to increased molecular motion and increased energy levels, which ultimately leads to the breakdown of fat cells, thereby achieving fitness and weight loss.


1. Powerful explosion of fat and fat removal

The strong silent sound wave explosion head has a collective powerful sound head, and a powerful sound wave of 40000HZ may be emitted to the human body, violently hitting fat cells and causing frictional movement between fat cells. This can lead to efficient consumption of calories and water in fat cells and reduce the size of fat cells. More importantly, the vibration of the sound waves may cause the intense impact of fat cells, causing them to explode in an instant, reducing the number of fat cells, thereby achieving the effect of removing fat.


2. RF

Used for body and facial remodeling. Weight loss Vaccum + RF fat blaster can promote tissue metabolism, repel cellulite, and make fat particles produce fusion energy at different depths and shocks. The deepest receptor can get particles on 3CM thick skin and rapidly expand and rapidly heat the cell wall. Exceeding the elastic limit and breaking the cells, the fatty acid is burned simultaneously from the pot, not only burning the fatty acid but also directly venting, thereby rapidly reducing the size of the particles


3. Three-pole RF face to eliminate wrinkles, tighten and lift

The facial RF head capacitively coupled electrode is used to transmit radio wave energy and generate an electric field to enter the subcutaneous tissue through the surface of the skin. At a high frequency of 450 kHz, the polarity of the electric field changes 450,000 times per second. In response to rapid changes in the electrodes, the direction of the electrical particles of the skin also changes. At this time, the natural resistance in the subcutaneous tissue moves and generates thermal energy. Since capillary dermal collagen may shrink immediately when the temperature is in the range of 60 to 70 degrees Celsius, after wrinkle treatment, the customer can immediately feel the skin firming effect when lifting and tightening. When collagen is continuously produced, the thickness and density of the skin papillary dermis can be increased to remove wrinkles, eliminate scars, restore skin elasticity and luster and make it golden yellow and smooth. When collagen is increased, fresh skin is produced at the surgical site, and wrinkles are removed by a large number of cells. In addition, when the skin is not elastic or has a thick stratum corneum in the wrinkle area, the surrounding skin is also renewed.



1. Painless treatment concentrates RF energy of ultrasound beauty machine in the right place compared to other RF technologies. It uses low energy and high frequency, safe and effective.

2. Aim at the surface and depth of the skin, using complex methods to control different currents and energies, directly into different skin layers. Does not cause uneven skin.

3. Selectively target fat tissue to avoid heating other fats to achieve the fastest therapeutic effect.

4. The entire process is completed without surgery and anesthesia.

5. Ultrasound beauty machine is equipped with the most practical 40KHZ ultrasonic cavitation system.

6. There are no side effects and the risk of gaining weight, the results are quite obvious. Does not affect normal work and life.

7. Color touch screen.


Firming arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, waist, back, abdominal muscles, reshaping the body image to improve and treat different levels of adipose tissue with orange peel with soothing, decompression and pain relief effects (eg joint pain, sciatic nerve) Pain), promotes regular mechanical aerobic exercise of skin tissue, quickly relieves stress and eliminates fatigue. Firming, lifting and firming the skin, shaping the shape of the face, circulating and activating cells, promoting metabolism, and thus obtaining more than 100% collagen and elastic fibers to improve facial and body skin.