RF Wirnkle Removal Machine

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RF Wirnkle Removal Machine

Company Introduction

We offer you a durable, reliable RF wirnkle cleaner that is not very expensive. Welcome to buy a custom RF wirnkle remover at a low price with our factory.

Working Mechanism:

1) Body shaping mechanism:

Fat cells extract RF energy and they are harmed. Glycerol palmitate in fat cells is extinguished by the function of LPL and they are pyrolyzed into FFA and glycerol.

Free fatty acids enter the bloodstream and meet serum proteins and then enter the liver.

Finally, it is excreted through the liver and intestine circulation and the kidneys.

2) Mechanisms to remove wrinkles and improve stretch marks and facial lift:

The skin is tightened by bioheat. Then parent cell production and collagen production occur.

RF overcomes the biggest difficulty of laser and ipl: penetration depth cannot reach the melanin of the basal layer of the epidermis, and RF is a better technique for heating dermal collagen.

When RF causes collagen fibers to heat up, collagen first contracts. We can feel skin shrinkage, wrinkles and stretch marks improved. In addition, we can get the effect of facial lifting;

The heating effect caused in the dermis can then regenerate the collagen. And the regenerated collagen is rearranged and the number is also increased. As a result, aged and damaged collagenous stratum corneum are rehabilitated.

Therefore, we got the effect: the skin is firm, wrinkles and facial lifts are removed.

Product Description

The radio frequency device uses monopolar RF energy to tighten the skin, especially for facial skin treatment.

Radio Frequency: Beauty equipment is the bioelectricity inside the molecule that affects the tissue. Under the action of the machine, it will produce a biopotential, which will help activate collagen production, and then repair the aging skin to remove wrinkles, lift the skin, tighten the pores, and remove the double chin. At the same time, bio-energy will help improve metabolism, break down fatty acids, kill fat cells, and lose weight.

RF: Positioning tissue is heated to promote blood circulation and tighten collagen in the dermis. At the same time, the skin surface is taken to cool down; the dermis layer of the epidermis is heated to maintain normal temperature. Most of the radio frequency energy enters the deep dermis layer, so that the deep layer of the skin reaches 45 ° C -60 ° C, the skin dermis becomes thicker, the wrinkles become shallower or disappear, and the skin becomes more compact. The outline is raised. The original collagen becomes thicker and adds new collagen, which is produced by the skin.


1. Tightening skin

2. Face lifting

3. Skin lifting around eyes

4. Face wrinkle removal

5. Forehead wrinkle removal

6. Improving wrinkle on neck

7. Improving acne & stretch marks


1. High power shortens processing time.

2. Cooling technology improves the treatment effect.

3. The combined wide-angle radio makes the deep tissue evenly energized.

4. The result of long-term rebirth.

5. Special design Two types are available in one machine - vertical and desktop.

6. Easy to operate and maintain.

7. No harm to the body, no wounds, less pain.


1. RF wirnkle removal machine is featured with high power shortens processing time.

2. No cooling technology can improve the treatment effect.

3. The combined wide-angle radio makes the deep tissue evenly energized.

4. The result of long-term rebirth. Rf score

5. With 3 different sizes of mobile phones, the body, face and eyes can be treated.

6. Special design two types are available in one machine - vertical and desktop.

7. RF wirnkle removal machine is easy to operate and maintain.

8. RF wirnkle removal machine is harmless to the body, no wounds, less pain.

Technical Specifications:




A 8.4-inch color screen 

Rated input power


Working voltage

AC 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz

RF frequency


Diameter of RF tip


Payment, Delivery & Warranty:


T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal, Cash


DHL, TNT, UPS air express door to door


1 year for the machine


1. The price can be discussed.

2. The patient's explanation of any problem.

There is no middleman. No extra charge.

4. Fast and secure delivery.

We are all R&D centers and manufacturers. Any order can be achieved

6. Provide OEM and ODM services

7. Our products can be sold all over the world without any problems.

8. Email us for more questions and letters