RF Wirnkle Removal Machine

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What is HIFU facial?

HIFU facial treatment can be used as a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. It tightens the skin, eliminates wrinkles, reduces pores, and targets the "V" lines and Jowell lines. HIFU improves overall skin tone, brightness and elasticity.

Our medical-grade HIFU machines are aimed at 1.5mm upper dermis, 3.00mm lower dermis, and most importantly 4.5mm SMAS. SMAS is a layer located between muscle and fat, and is the actual area that a plastic or plastic surgeon tightens under the knife. HIFU can target this layer without any surgical incision, enabling patients to perform face-lift without downtime. This means you get excellent results without any risks associated with surgery. The treatment is fast and the effect is immediate!


What is HIFU for body / weight loss / weight loss?

  The body uses 8mm and 13mm cartridges, where HIFU energy is used to target and destroy fat cells. Abdominal fat, bingo wings, body contours below thighs and hips; non-surgical burns. HIFU is an effective treatment that can reduce inches and fat at the same time while tightening the skin!


Will HIFU treatment hurt?

  Our HIFU device provides faster injection speeds and shorter intervals between injections, which means it is very comfortable for patients, in fact, it is more comfortable and painful than many other HIFU treatments on the market less. Some people described it feeling like a tiny electrical pulse or a tickling tickle.


Specification :

Model 4D HIFU9Treatment Head1.5, 3.0, 4.5, 6.0, 8.0, 10, 13, 16 to choose from.
 Cartridge10,000 shots Pitch1.0-10mm (0.5mm / step)
Length5.0-25mm (1.0mm / step)Weightabout 11kg