RF Skin Tightening Device

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We provide you with the durable and credible RF skin tightening device whose price is not very high. Welcome to purchase customized RF skin tightening device made in China at low price with our factory.


cavitation slimming machine E4

1. Powerful destructive force, reducing abnormalities

Sound waves pass through a strong ultrasonic head acoustic emission frequency of up to 40000HZ, entering the human body can make the fat cells in the body produce a strong impact force, and produce movement friction between fat cells, effectively consume energy, consume cell water, shrink fat cells, When the sonic vibration can make the cells produce a strong impact force, the cells are immediately blasted to reduce the number of fat cells, thereby achieving the effect of weight loss.

2. Lymphatic detoxification, firming the skin and enhancing skin elasticity

Radio frequency technology and energy in the body penetrate deep into adipose tissue, target the radio frequency in a targeted manner, keep the adipose tissue in a fast-moving state, generate frictional heat in the body of the cell, and allow local temperature to remove excess fat and toxins in the body through the sweat glands, liver, and lymphatic circulation. The effect of losing weight.

3. Improve cellulite and slim shape.

The instrument stimulates the corresponding biological waves of the human body through the energy generated by the electrode points, and uses different frequencies and pulses to effectively stimulate the body fat in several interactive physical electronics, allowing the body to reach energy consumption again during exercise and achieve the effect Plastic body.

4. Combining the Emerald Energy Field with Bionic Thermal Energy

A micro-electromagnetic field is formed around the human body, which effectively solves the negative energy of the human body, the absorption and excretion of toxins and sick gases in the body, and the energy supplement of various internal organs, stimulates the human potential energy, exerts a strong body, and enhances physical fitness. Effect; It has a good effect on emotional stability, memory enhancement, and improvement of insomnia symptoms. Secondly, jadeite combined with rotating magnetic heat, as an effective supplement for bioenergy cells, accelerates cell renewal and metabolism; vibrations of different frequencies can unblock acupuncture points of the human body and make blood run smoothly, so as to regulate the accumulation of human energy and glow the youth .


Three steps treatment process

Step1. use slimming Essential oil on the skin, and do massage

Step2. Use the 40kHZ ultrasonic head for cracking the fat cell

Step3. Use some RF gel on the skin and do massage, then use the multipolar(body) RF for melting fat, increase collagen production so that make skin tightening, do body lymphatic drainage.


Radio Frequency Handle

The instrument integrates the most advanced RF technology and radio frequency, which can directly reach deep fat body and

Has excellent directional radio frequency positioning and degreasing effect.

40Khz Ultrasonic Handle

Strong sound wave fat head has a collective strong sound wave head, which may produce a strong sound wave of 40KHZ to the human body, which strongly affects fat cells and causes friction between fat cells. This can lead to the effective consumption of calories and moisture in fat cells, reducing the size of fat cells and removing fat.




Radio frequency


RF Tip

Tripolar D15mm & D25mm


40Khz,60w; with Automatic frequency

Cavitation tip


Rated Power


Physical Dimension

 450 mm x 360 mm x 29

Net weight