RF Beauty Machine

Product Details


1. Combine the new low frequency ultrasound Cavitation, lipolysis, RF, Vacuum, 650nm Laser four tehnologies in one machine, achieve the slimming plus tighten skin perfect effect one time.  

2. 7 System: cavitation+monopolar+bipolar+tripolar+lipolysis+vacuum+laser
3. USB updating Technology,easy to save and print data.

4. No pain, no invasive,painless,suitable to all people who suffering fat problem

5. No skin color requirements, widely application

6. Large color touch screen with clear treatment parameters, friendly operation

7. Solve the multiple proble areas: waistline, abdomen, back, buttocks & thigh areas,arms & underarms
8. Professional vacuum pump, best result traceless, no rebound, long-lasting result

9. No consume, inner system achieve to international CE standard.

Specification : 

RF: 1Mhz,100w

RF Tip: Tripolar D15mm & D25mm

Cavitation: 40Khz,60w; with Automatic frequency chasing

Cavitation tip: D65mm

Rated Power: 230VAC,5A;100VAC,10A

Physical Dimension: 400mm×310mm×180mm

Net Weight: 10KG