RF Eye Machine

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RF Eye Machine


    Product Description

   Eye care system utilizes the given electromagnetism frequency which matches with resistance of human body and adopts precision temperature controlling technology to make anode ion and cathode ion move fastly guided by electronic eye patch, which would generate different heating effect on the target skin around the eyes. This process will rebuild new collagen, activate cell, plump the skin around the eyes and improve the micro blood circulation naturally. So  Eye care system can eliminate striaes, bags around eyes precisely, decrease wrinkles, dark circles around eyes effectively and tighten the skin around eyes immediately.  

RF eye beauty instrument introduced the French newest technology.

   The specific electromagnetic frequency matching with the human body impedance : control of the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue layer temperature accuracy effectively.

   Intelligent temperature control technology: the use of electronic eye foil to guide the high-speed movement ofpositive and negative ions of the eye , so that the different temperature thermal effects happened around the eye. Stimulate collagen regeneration and collagen fiber reorganization in dermis, activation of cells and stimulate the formation of glucose polyamine, increase the skin thickness of the eye, improve eye microcirculation.

   User-friendly and scientific eye film technology: to ensure that the more than 85% import rate of essence.

   Experiments show that when the skin temperature reaches 40-45 ℃, the collagen protein of dermis will produce immediate tightening and regeneration, with the efficacy of  instant firming and recombinant collagen fiber arrangement.



  Color touch screen, easy and convenient to operate.

  Self-developed design, small size, suitable for home use and beauty salons.

  Specific electromagnetic frequency technology, clear the eye lymph, alleviate eye fatigue effectively.

electronic eye film technology to ensure more than 85% eye essence leading-in skin, fast and accurate solute the eye problems

rf machine

 Products Parameters

  Input Power:50W

  Output Power:30W


  Time:1-30 minute


  Work Voltage:AC220V 50Hz

  Treatment settings:

  Treatment Number:20 Times

  Treatment interval:2-3 Times per week

  Severe cases can be 1 each morning and night

  2-3 times per week when Symptoms were relieved