RF Body Shaping Machine

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Wave fat system

With a collective strong acoustic wave head, a strong acoustic wave of 40 K may release HZ, thereby vibrating the fat cells at the fastest speed, and generating a large number of vacuum cavities inside and outside the fat cells, strongly impacting the fat cells to produce inward The germ breaks down triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. RF waves with a frequency of 1M HZ were then used to excrete integrated glycerol and free fatty acids through the enterohepatic circulation. Finally, vacuum RF and energy electrodes are used to locate and tighten the fat. In physics, it is called "cavitation". The inward explosion of micropores inside and outside the cell may lead to enhanced molecular movement and increased energy levels, which will eventually cause fat cells to rupture, thereby achieving bodybuilding and weight loss effects.



1. Weight loss, ultrasonic cellulite, weight loss, fat removal

2. Lipolysis breaks down fat cells and shapes together.

3. Tighten skin with unipolar, bipolar and tripolar radio frequency to promote skin elasticity

4. Remove wrinkles and lift the face. Remove bags under the eyes, face, chin, cheeks

5. Anti-cell oxidation, anti-aging.

6. Body shaping, body shaping, massage



Input voltage: AC 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz

Power consumption: 500W

3D vacuum negative pressure head:

Vacuum pressure: 20-95 (kPa)

Infrared wavelength: 650nm

Infrared intensity: 5000mcd

RF energy: 20W

RF frequency: 1MHz

Six pole RF head:

Output power: 2W/cm2

RF frequency: 1MHz

Number of output electrodes: 8

Output mode: continuous

Output level: 10

40K fat head: Cavitation frequency 40kHz

Output power: 5W/cm2

Output mode: pulse

Output level: 8

Vacuum eye pencil

Vacuum pressure: 20-95 (kPa)

RF frequency: 1MHz

Blue light wavelength 490nm



Size:63*63*63 Wooden box

LED Laser light:660nm