Portable Bipolar RF Slimming Beauty Device

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We provide you with the durable and credible portable bipolar rf slimming beauty device whose price is not very high. Welcome to purchase customized portable bipolar rf slimming beauty device made in China at low price with our factory.

RF eye care system for puffiness

Product Description

Our eye care system utilizes electromagnetism frequency principle and precision temperature controlling technology to make anode ion and cathode ion fast move around electronic eye patch. This will generate different heating effects on the target skin around the eyes. This process will rebuild new collagen, activate cell, plump the skin around the eyes and improve the micro blood circulation naturally.

Item Specifics


Maximum Output Powe: 100W

Model Number: AM-E

Energy: 0~40J

Type: RF potable

Gender: Female

Timer: 1~100 mins 

Output Frequency: 3MHz±0.2MHz

Feature: Dark Circle

Model Number:SRE-D-A series eye care system

Temperature Measurement Scope:37.5~47°C

Environment Temperature:-20°C~60°C

Electronic Power:AC 100-220V 50-60Hz

Detailed Images

RF radiofrequency technology is one of the safest and efficient methods to cosmetic and remove wrinkle . The principle of Radiofrequency removing wrinkle is that the wave of Radiofrequency penetrate the barrier of molanocyte under the skin. Make dermal collagen fiber is heated to tens of degrees Celsius,collagen fibers shrink ,so that loose skin wrinkles are stretched ,so as to achieve the purpose of beauty wrinkles 

The instrument makes the dermis collagen contraction through electronic eye mask heating thermostat,after treatments,the relax skin immediately felt upward,lift firming effect of long-term effects. Using for long time,it can make collagen reconstruction and reborn. By two to six months of treatment,stimulated collagen will gradually creating,as a result,it will prompt the dermis tight and elastic,wrinkles,eye bags,black eye will gradually disappear from deep to shallow.


1. Stimulate collagen and collagen fiber rebuilding, tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles around the eyes

2. Maintain the elasticity of the skin, reinforce the moisturizing capability of the skin around the eyes

3. Accelerate the blood and lymph circulation around eyes to increase the blood oxygen content, avoid the pigmentation, diminish the dark circles and eliminate the eye bags caused by puffiness

4. Stimulate the forming of glucosamine to increase the thickness of the skin, relieve the skin looseness and tighten the skin

5. Recover the skin`s self-repairing capability effectively, increase the generation of intercellular viscous-substance in the skin; avoid the impairment of the collagen and elastin of the skin to make the skin stay healthy effectively

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1 year for the machine


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