Multifuction IPL System

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Product Name

Multifuction IPL System

Product Application

A) IPL / E-light / SHR mobile phone

1.Hair Removal It permanently removes a variety of hair, including mane, hairline, beard, beard, lip, body hair, bikini hair or any other excess hair.

2. Skin regeneration: whitening and tenderness.

3. Remove red capillaries, blood vessels, etc.

4. Deep wrinkles, wrinkles, wrinkles and wrinkles.

5. Treat acne and remove acne.

6. Remove all kinds of spots: freckles, age spots, sunburn, chloasma.

B) ND Yag laser phone

1. Tattoo removal, specifically to remove coffee, brown and other colored tattoos.

2. Effectively remove all kinds of embroidered eyebrows, soaked lips, eye lines, lip lines.

3. Black doll treatment, remove blackheads, firmness and whitening, rejuvenation.

C) Bipolar RF

1. The effect of short-term treatment

  - Increase blood circulation and metabolism

  - Improve the absorption of creams and lotions

  - Reduce acne

2. The effect of long-term treatment

  - Firms skin and reduces fine lines

  - Stimulates collagen cells and increases skin elasticity

  - Tightening pores

  - Reshape facial contours


1. Multifuction IPL system has medical CE and ISO13485 approval

2. Multifuction IPL system has user-friendly design, very easy to operate

3. 12 languages (including Portuguese and Spanish)

4. Interchangeable xenon lamp boxes.

5. Handle different spot sizes.

6. Our water pipes of multifuction IPL system are made of silicone and have antifreeze function to prevent knotting.

7. Three cooling systems make the patient safe and comfortable

8. Low water level, water temperature, water flux and refrigeration alarm

9. Foot switch and bracket are available

5in1 E


Screen: TFT 7"

Electricity prevention: 1 class BF type

Rated input power supply:AC230V+/-10%,50Hz+/-1Hz/AC110V+/-10%,60Hz+/-1Hz

Working mode : OPT

Handpiece connection: Fast-connected

Light source : Intense pulsed light

Crystal : Imported sapphire

Spectra : 420/490/530/560/610/690nm

Spot size : 50mmX10mm; 50mmX15mm(Optional)

IPL energy density : 50j/cm2(max)

FHR and FSR luminous frequency :1—5Hz,step 1

Rated input power : 2500VA

Continuous light interval of HR and SR mode : 1~3s+/-10%, step0.5

Net weight : 18kg

Gross weight : 20kg

Physical dimension:430mmX260mmX280mm

Package:56.5cm*49cm*45cm(Carton Box)