Cavitation Beauty Machine

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1. Painless treatment focus RF energy at the correct position, compared to other radio frequency technology. E3 uses low energy and high frequency, safe and effective.

2. Aim at the skin surface and deep location, using a complex method to control the different currents and energy, direct access to the different skin layers, the effect is visible.

3. Selectively targeting fatty tissue, to avoid heating other fat, to achieve the fastest treatment effect.



1. Promote tissue metabolism 

2. Repel the cellulite

3. Tighten the skin

4. Strengthen the skin elasticity

5. Fat dissolving

6. Body Shaping



RF: 1Mhz,100w

RF Tip: Tripolar D15mm & D25mm

Cavitation: 40Khz,60w; with Automatic frequency chasing

Cavitation tip: D65mm

Rated Power: 230VAC,5A;100VAC,10A

Physical Dimension:         450 mm x 360 mm x 290 mm

True weight: 7KG



- Bipolar RF for eyes( around eyes),  crow's-feet removal, lifting result.

- Tripolar RF for face lifting

- 1 MHz Supersonic for skin smoothing, increasing the absorbtion of skincare products

- 8 polar RF with Vacuum for arms, leg, body fat-dissolving 

- 40KHz cavitation for belly, fat-breaking


Free ask and answer 

1. Is RF Cavitation vacuum ultrasound bio safe for liposuction?

 The treatment can be performed on all skin types and body areas where unwanted fat is stored and you can return to normal activity immediately after treatment.


2.How many treatments does it need for the rf cavitation vacuum treatment?

 It is recommended that total 8-12 treatment as a full session, but with only 8 treatment, the results will be good enough.


3.Any side effect for the rf cavitation treatment?

 After the treatment, the target area skin will become redness, but it normal, will disappear within one week.Hence will afford the full training,till the successful operation through video and manual. When the customer is able to operate the machine perfectly,here is the certificate of operation is awarded.