Fractional RF Microneedle Skin Tightening Machine

Fractional RF Microneedle Skin Tightening Machine
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What is the gold radio frequency microcrystal?

The gold radio frequency microcrystal is the ingenious combination of microcrystal and radio frequency. The two words of "gold" originates from the microcrystalline gold coating and the coating is also golden yellow. At the time of treatment, the doctor according to the crystal position on Problems and treatment, adjust the depth of penetration and microcrystalline  radiofrequency energy, then in the electronic control system, at the same time, dozens of insulating ceramics penetrate the skin quickly, from the microcrystal tip radiofrequency energy, then quickly exit, so the cycle until the treatment is finished, finally apply cosmetic ingredients.

2019 Fractional RF and Microneedle RF beauty Machine Secret Rf skin tightening machine 2019 Fractional RF and Microneedle RF beauty Machine Secret Rf skin tightening machine

Action mechanism

1, microcrystal mechanical stimulation, coupled with the biological effects of radio frequency and thermal stimulation, together to stimulate the skin's self-repair system, to promote metabolism, improve microcirculation, the initiation of collagen and other new and rearrangement;
2, microcrystalline penetration, open the skin quickly absorption channel, easy to cosmetic ingredients into the skin;
3, the radio frequency energy emitted by the microcrystal tip can selectively destroy the hair follicles, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands, inhibit the inflammatory reaction and activate the anti-inflammatory and repair system.

Gold radio frequency microcrystalline vs dot matrix laser difference

1. the high-frequency crystal head is formed by the crystal depth of physical properties, forming heating and solidification fields.

2. gold RF microcrystalline target depth and required energy can be finely regulated.

3. laser scattering, but it is difficult to reach the target depth (target 2mm), and the absorption of energy within the skin tissue can not be correctly predicted, often occur side effects such as hormonal disturbances.

4., heating through the epidermis, and a longer rest, and it is difficult to calm.

5. lattice laser a course of care time must be reached (3~5 times), while relative to laser RF-Needle is according to the circumstances may need (1~3 times) care.

Technical Specifications:

RF   frequency

2MHz, bipolar

RF power


Needle   cartridges


Needle   Thickness


Needle Depth

0.2-3.5mm(0.1 step)

Treatment   Duration


Suction   level

-2 level

Control   Display

8.4-inch color touch screen


AC 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz



Packing   size


2019 Fractional RF and Microneedle RF beauty Machine Secret Rf skin tightening machine

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