Non Invasive Newest Technology skin care machine for Wrinkle Stretch Marks Acne Scar Removal

Group Skin treatment
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment Western Union, T/T, Paypal
Update Time 2020-07-16
Item specifics
Working temperature400℃(±20℃)
Head treatment area1cm2
Input voltageAC110V-220V
Tixelle output voltage24v
Output power of tixelle30-200VA
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Tixel is a thermal fractional skin rejuvenation system powered by Thermo-Mechanical Action (TMA) technology. Tixel employs a hot titanium tip which transfers direct heat to the upper dermis. The proprietary tip is constructed of biocompatible temperature resistant titanium alloy. The tip consists of an array of tiny pyramids which are heated to a temperature of 400°C . The apex of the pyramids transfers energy to skin by very brief controlled contact. Treatment is nearly painless. Analgesic creams are typically not required. Healing is fast and down time short.
Advantage 1,The ultra-fine peeling and safe instrument does not irritate the skin, only natural heat conduction. 2,Fast treatment (15-30 minutes): superior heat conduction, heat conduction of 0.1 milliseconds; amazing penetration depth, depth up to 500 microns. 3,Safely treating with extremely low pain, a comprehensive breakthrough, multi-effect treatment to regulate skin condition. 4,There is no need for anesthesia, simple operation and post care. 5,After treatment, the part is different from the traditional laser, no skin breaking, no burning, no bleeding. 6,Compared with the traditional laserscarremoval, it does not need irradiation, uses natural heat energy to transfer, less damage and shorterrepair period. 7,The instrument is light, portable, and highly flexible.