Skin whitening /anti-aging wrinkle /oxygen facial massage machine with oxygen rf ultrasonic

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Update Time 2020-01-17
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skin whitening /anti-aging wrinkle /oxygen facial massage machine with oxygen rf ultrasonic
    The water oxygen injection skin activating instrument realizes the three functions of water oxygen, oxygen injection and atomized oxygen injection in one body.

   Water-oxygen skin rejuvenation: oxygen and nutrient solution are fully combined, and at a speed of 230m/s (similar to the spray form), the ultra-fine nozzle sprays water vapor mixed particles to act on the skin, and the fine particles with a diameter of about 50-80um (smaller than the diameter of pores) penetrate from the epidermis to the dermis layer (anaerobic acne bacilli in acne die when contacted with oxygen) to thoroughly clean the common opening of hair follicles and sebaceous glands (treat acne etiology);  Deep cleansing of the skin, and at the same time has a good effect on removing skin allergens, sebaceous mites, and follicular mites.  For example, adding nutrients to the basic liquid can effectively improve the skin environment;  Oxygen in the water-oxygen mixed particles can effectively improve oxygen saturation in the skin environment so as to improve skin metabolism;  The water-oxygen mixed granules have a synergistic effect with the hair growth factor of the water-oxygen mixed granules while thoroughly cleaning sebaceous glands, so that the water-oxygen mixed granules become the preferred treatment method for seborrheic alopecia.  Its physical massage function can completely replace manual skincare.

    Oxygen injection can enhance skin cell activity and stimulate the growth of collagen.  Spray oxygen to replenish nutrients for the skin so that the efficacy of nursing products can be brought into full play.  The problem of lack of oxygen in the body and skin is completely and thoroughly solved.  98% of active essence and oxygen are injected into the deep layer of skin through pulse-type push, effectively accelerating cell metabolism, and instantly restoring skin to health, moisture and luster.

 1. freckle removal: scars left by burns, operations, acne pits, pockmarks, etc.

 2. Eliminating acne: effectively eliminating acne and inflammation, acne, blackheads, acne marks, etc.

 3. Cleaning and hydrating: Deep cleaning, removing cuticle, minimally invasive scar, removing blackheads and acne, and supplementing sufficient water at the same time;

 4. Skin rejuvenation: remove color spots and pigmentation, shrink pores, whiten skin, increase skin elasticity and luster, and comprehensively improve skin everywhere in the body;

 5. wrinkle removal: lip wrinkles, periocular wrinkles, improvement of brow lines, striae gravidarum, etc.
6. Hair Growth: Effectively Improve Seborrheic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata and Hair Care;

Technical Parameter

  Power supply: AC 220V 10%, 50HZ

  Rated power: 200VA 
  Insurance specification:  Max10A