Choose Ipl / Shr / Ipl multi-function machine portable Shr fast hair removal

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Choose Ipl / Shr / Ipl multi-function machine portable Shr fast hair removal
Advantages of the ipl machine

1. The two technologies of SHR and E-light are more advanced on one machine.

The 2.8-inch color touch screen is easy to operate.

3. The best cooling system: air cooling + water cooling + screen cooling.

4. We can help you customize the local language and add logos on the screen and machine body

Ipl machine application and different effects

1.480nm for skin rejuvenation and acne treatment

2.530nm for coloring and spot removal

3.640nm for hair removal
How does ipl work?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a skin treatment technology used by cosmetics and medical practitioners for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes, including hair removal, photorejuvenation (such as skin pigmentation, sun damage, and venous treatment) and skin relief. disease.
IPL uses a high-power, handheld, computer-controlled flash gun that provides intense, visible, broad-spectrum light pulses, typically in the visible spectrum from 400 to 1200 nm. Various cut-off filters are typically used to selectively filter out lower wavelengths, particularly potentially damaging ultraviolet light. The resulting light has a spectral range that targets specific structures and chromophores (eg, melanin in hair or oxyhemoglobin in blood vessels) that are heated to destruction and reabsorbed by the body.

Opt shr machine function
1. Remove hair of various colors from various parts of the body.

2. Remove epidermal pigmentation: spots, age spots, birthmarks, etc.

3. Remove red blood vessels: boottlenose, erythema, change the bottle nose.

4. Skin rejuvenation, whitening skin.

5.Acne and scar treatment: papules, acne and so on.

6.Shrik and tighten the pores

7. Remove wrinkles
Product Name IPL Hair Removal

Filter wavelength 640nm (standard)

Treatment of head spot size 15 * 50 mm

Cooling system Wind cooling + water cooling + semiconductor refrigeration

IPL light energy 0-50 J / cm2 (adjustable)

Frequency 1-10Hz (adjustable)

Out of 2000W

Power supply 110V / 220V, AC 50 / 60Hz

Packing size 60 * 60 * 60cm