Super mini version of Portable IPL Hair removal machine

Group IPL
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2020-01-03
Item specifics
Spot size50mmX15mm; 50mmX10mm
Physical dimension430mm*260mm*280mm
Product nameProfessional Portable IPL Hair Remov
KeywordsIPL / OPT hair removal machine
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Super MiNi version of Portable IPL Hair Removal Machine How Does IPL Work?

In a nutshell IPL (intense pulsed light) works by targeting the dark pigment around the hair follicle in order to damage it sufficiently to cause the hair to fall out and inhibit its ability to re-grow.

The dark pigment which is found in both your hair and skin and which determines its color is known as melanin.

Melanin is particularly dense at the base of the hair root to provide a good target for the powerful pulses of light emitted by the IPL device.

IPL Broadband Pulsed Light
As the light is absorbed by the melanin it produces heat energy and it is this which causes the damage.  The growing hair will fall out between one and two weeks following treatment.
1. Newly designed handpiece, with spot size: 50mm*10mm;50mm*15mm;

2. The smallest volume of the machine but with a powerful energy generating system. Single OPT shot energy can reach 12j/cm2 even at the 5Hz repetition without any stop. 

3. Touch LCD screen with 7". Online self-checking system to ensure safety.

4.Water cooling + Fans cooling + Semiconductor cooling systems! No need to stop the machine after working for hours. A very comfortable customer treatment experience.

5. Bigger pump to have bigger water flow and reduce lamp temp more effectively;

6. OPT/SHR shot Frequency is 1~5Hz. Shots energy is 50j/cm2(max)

7.Imported Xenon lamp with 300,000 effective shots warranty.
TFT 7"
Light source
Intense pulsed light
Electricity prevention
1 class BF type
Imported sapphire
Rated input power supply
FHR and FSR luminous frequency
1—5Hz,step 1
Working mode
IPL energy density
Handpiece connection
Spot size
 50mm*10mm; 50mm*15mm
Rated input power
Continuous light interval of HR and SR mode
 1~3s+/-10%, step0.5
Physical dimension
Net weight
CE Certification