Vagina Remodeling, To Be A Tight Woman. Change Begins With Austerity!


Working principle

 Focused ultrasound technology is adopted, treatment heads with different depths (3.0mm and 4.5mm specifications) are used, the treatment positions are accurately positioned on the mucosal fiber layer, pelvic floor muscle layer and pelvic floor fascia layer on the vaginal surface, mechanical wave thermal effect is utilized to contract the fiber layer and fascia layer, muscle layer is trained and sponge body is stimulated, metabolism of the whole internal wall of the vagina/channel is promoted and repair capability is improved, and comprehensive treatment is carried out aiming at the problems of fracture, damage, relaxation and the like of main vaginal tissues, so as to finally achieve the aim of relieving and solving vaginal relaxation

▼ Vaginal contraction

 Rapid tightening, lasting tightness, and 60% increase in tightness. The effect of bait energy causes fiber collagen to shrink and recombine immediately. The "private" tightens rapidly in 20 minutes. At the same time, bait energy stimulates a large amount of collagen regeneration. Thickening of the "private" wall causes the "private" to remain tight and narrow for a long time, reappearing as a girl.

▼Beautify vagina

Fade the pigment, beautify the labia and increase the tenderness by 70%, fade the labia pigment through the effect of light energy, beautify the appearance and color of labia, and restore the dark color of labia majora and labia minor to be as beautiful and lovely as a young girl, with tender and attractive powder.

▼ Vagina moistening

Improve secretion, eliminate dryness, improve lubrication by 80%, rebuild "private" microcirculation, improve secretion of "private" mucus, eliminate dryness, and enhance vaginal lubrication and sexual pleasure.

▼Vaginal maintenance

Deep anti-aging, anti-aging and youth enhancement of 80% Remodeling collagen elastic fiber net, repairing damaged aging cells, activating the cell regeneration, enhancing cell vitality, and keeping "private" in a young, compact, tender and lubricated state for a long time.

▼Vaginal remodeling

It can restore pelvic tissue and blood vessels, and prevent muscle tissue from gradually shrinking and loosening to weaken the tension of "private" anterior or posterior wall and cause swelling.

▼ Protect vagina

Protect uterus and ovary and eliminate gynecological diseases such as gynecological inflammation infection.

Adapt to the crowd

 ◆ Congenital vaginal relaxation

 ◆ vaginal relaxation caused by childbirth, frequent abortion, excessive sexual intercourse, etc.

 ◆ Symptoms of female vaginitis such as vaginal relaxation, decreased sex appeal, peculiar smell discomfort, inflammation, etc.

 ◆ Decreased sensitivity caused by natural aging, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, and other symptoms

 ◆ External factors such as pigmentation, increased texture, and other aesthetic improvements

Vaginal tightening

Questions and answers

 Who is not suitable to do it?

 Abnormal condition during pregnancy and menstruation vaginal bacteria or virus infection

 Can menopause be done?

 Can do, in fact, and treatment center shows that the guests are mainly climacteric women.

 How long can you do it after delivery?

 Treatment can be carried out 6 months or one year after delivery. If artificial lactation is still carried out 6 months after delivery, treatment can only be carried out after complete weaning is stopped.

 How long will the treatment take?

 Disinfection lasts about 5-10 minutes and treatment lasts about 20 minutes.

 How often is it good?

 Most cases are suitable for 6-8 week for one treatment. A course of treatment is 3-4 times.

 Will you be delayed after treatment?

 There will be no delay and no slack period.

 How long can you have sex after treatment?

 Sexual life can be resumed within 5-7 days after treatment.

 Which parts of the body are the treatment mainly for?

 Whole vagina

 How long does the treatment last?

 The maintenance effect of one treatment course can reach 2-3 years.

 Does the treatment process cause cross infection?

 No, because condoms are needed to tighten the private ultrasonic scalpel, the purpose is to prevent the therapeutic head from contacting the vaginal mucosa of the guest completely, thus ensuring safety.

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