Usually It Requires Several Laser To Chloasma

If you want to remove melasma, chloasma must first understand the causes, mainly related to endocrine, menstruation, pregnancy, oral contraceptives or poor liver function and chronic kidney disease may appear chloasma. Freckle laser instrument is the use of high-intensity laser beam, for different degrees of melasma, instant emission of high-intensity laser energy penetrates the skin, reach melasma pigment lesion tissue disintegration vaporization melasma pigment granules, part excreted directly, the other part is macrophage phagocytosis excreted with the lymphatic circulation, melasma pigment gradually disappeared, to achieve the effect of the removal of melasma.

Chloasma freckle beauty instrument operation is relatively simple, safe and painless, treatment time is short, go with the rule does not affect the normal work, without special care, in his spare time is very suitable for treatment. Laser treatment to chloasma points, usually 3 to 5 times each course. Chloasma degree shallower patients may not need a course or a course of treatment, can achieve the purpose of removal. The patient melasma pigmentation deeper, perhaps through several courses before they can get the desired results, so that is to be based on the individual's specific circumstances.