The Principle Of Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Treatment

The principle of laser treatment is to produce a bunch of high-strength laser beam, different types of lasers can produce different colors of light. Eye color laser is the key to treatment. Different colors of laser light is absorbed by the skin of a different color, and make use of laser energy vaporize the dye particles disintegrate, blocking blood vessels, and then absorbed by the body out of the body to the dye particles, pigment ebbed. Since the wavelength of the laser is only a corresponding color dye absorption. Only specific diseased cells to absorb laser light, whereas normal skin tissue from damage, it will not leave a scar. Advanced laser technology can also control the laser reaches the skin depth, adjustable pulse enables the skin to reduce the damage to a minimum. Usually seven days to 10 days and can return to normal skin, it does not affect people's normal life. After each treatment, the skin should have a natural absorption of metabolic processes, and therefore treatment interval is generally 1 to 2 months. Depending on the size of pigmented and vascular lesions, the number and depth of some one or two will be able to achieve the desired therapeutic effect, as some need 2-5 times in order to completely solve the problem.