Sometimes Hairless Is A Fashion

                                                      Sometimes hairless is a fashion

Hair removal is one of the things many little friends will choose to do. For a more beautiful dressing style, friends will choose hair removal to make themselves look more beautiful. There are many methods for hair removal, and friends should also understand. Semiconductor laser hair removal is one of the more popular hair removal methods. Do you know about semiconductor laser hair removal? What is the principle? Let ’s take a look today

IPL 脱毛

Semiconductor laser hair removal is a non-invasive modern hair removal technology. Semiconductor laser hair removal is suitable for: lips, underarms, underarms, arms, forearms, calves, thighs, bikinis, etc. There is no limitation on the treatment of black pigment, and it is not fussy for anyone with skin color. At the same time, the semiconductor laser hair removal instrument has adjustable pulse width, energy and irradiation time. It has a synchronous cooling system that can remove a variety of hairs of different thicknesses, including the hair of sensitive skin such as lip hair, which will achieve the satisfying Lidu painless hair removal effect in the shortest time.

Semiconductor laser hair removal is to destroy the structure of hair follicles and to permanently remove hair without scalding the skin. The process of treatment is very simple. First, apply a layer of cold gel to the hair removal area, hold the sapphire crystal lens close to the skin surface, and then pull the trigger. The filtered light of specific wavelength flashes instantly, and the treatment is over. No trace of damage to the skin.

Semiconductor laser hair removal is mainly aimed at growing hair to destroy hair follicles and achieve hair removal effects. But generally speaking, the human hair condition coexists in three growth cycles, so to achieve the effect of hair removal, you need to receive more than 3-5 times of treatment, in order to completely destroy the growth of the hair to achieve the best hair removal effect.


1. The best laser thin and long, 810nm semiconductor laser, this kind of laser has good unity, has good penetrating power, and it is also a relatively good wavelength for black pigment cells, which is applied to the principle of selective photothermal The black pigment of the hair follicle is the target color base, so that the hair follicle is effective, and a better hair-cut effect is achieved. 2. The light pulse time is adjusted for a long time to protect the epidermis while removing different thickness hairs.

3. However, if you are looking for a darker-skinned person, the target tissue and the epidermis have the same color base and compete for each other to draw this laser. Therefore, for dark skin, there may be a risk of the skin retaining heat; Seekers can get better results.

4. Specially designed firming function can smooth skin while removing hair.

5. The patented contact cooling cooling technology is safe and does not damage the skin. 5. Large square spot, quickly removes hair and speeds up the treatment.6, the original mode freezing point laser can emit 10 laser pulses per second, and the pulse mode is uni

d effectively heat the target tissue, until the effective hair follicle. Comfortable and fast, safe and convenient, it is a hair removal laser technique, especially suitable for large area torso hair removal.

The principle of semiconductor laser hair removal has been explained above. Do you know? Semiconductor laser hair removal can achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal after several treatments, which is also the goal that many small partners want to achieve. Semiconductor laser hair removal needs to be done in a regular beauty salon. This can avoid unnecessary injuries. Little friends must also protect themselves when they become beautiful.