Mesotherapy Do Have Side Effects

Mesotherapy instrument into the subcutaneous tissue through high frequency radio waves to make the subcutaneous tissue of the natural resistance movement generates heat when the temperature reaches a certain critical point, will produce immediate collagen contraction in stimulating the dermal layer secrete more new collagen protein, fill in the blanks or lose parts of the skin, so once again hold up the skin of the stent and restore skin elasticity. Mesotherapy lasting effect of the body will provide a steady stream of collagen, increasing the thickness and density of the dermis, smooth skin wrinkles, eliminate scars, restore skin luster and elasticity of the skin renewed luster.

Mesotherapy rhytidectomy is not required hospitalization, no leave time-consuming work, shorter recovery period after treatment. As for Mesotherapy do have side effects, in fact, after the Mesotherapy treatment, which may cause short-term reddening of the skin or swollen phenomenon will disappear after a few hours; there are a few people-bearing ability, energy use higher, then no special treatment after feeling, but with a touch of a finger skin will feel pain, which is normal two or three days to disappear; some dry skin after initial treatment will shrink the skin drying phenomena Since radio waves heat will make the skin moisture loss, collagen early newborn becomes full, probably in three days you will see changes in the skin, these symptoms will disappear. These Mesotherapy postoperative, more normal, it will not affect people's lives.