Laser Tattoo Blisters Is Normal?

Many people who want to wash their own tattoo tattoo, using a laser tattoo way, but after the emergence of such a situation, from the small blisters. Blisters after laser tattoo removal is normal? We invite cosmetic surgery experts for us to answer. After laser tattoo removal is often the case blisters appear, this is a normal phenomenon, different body type, the situation is different. This time to tell the beauty who, if it is a small blisters, the skin should be careful not worn to prevent infection. This situation does not require medication, since after a few days the blisters will be repaired. But much as blisters, can be sterilized needle to empty out the water discharge, apply anti-inflammatory drugs, in the process, as long as the former is not infected scab, scab let it fall off naturally, do not yer hand, several January skin will be repaired. So please do not worry. For the case of postoperative plastic surgery experts also remind you that there will be some beauty postoperative anti-color, each affected individual differences and shades of pigment, anti-color will appear after a few minutes to several hours, which is normal phenomenon. Laser tattoo later in the repair process, the color will be lighter by Zhejiang, until it disappears. So I do not worry. Also, the laser should be noted that after the tattoo sunscreen, and repeated treatment of patients may leave pigmentation and India, this situation is generally manifested as brown or reddish, a period of time can be completely repaired.