Laser Beauty Instrument Works

1. photothermal effect:

Photothermal effect into thermal effects, thermal coagulation, thermal stripping. Thermal effects: when the temperature rises to a certain extent about 60 ℃ -65 ℃, the collagen fibers to shrink to its original diameter and increase collagen 1/3 length, integrity of the corresponding organizational structure did not affect the receipt; thermal coagulation: When when the temperature is higher than above 75 ℃, and the time is long enough to cause thermal coagulation of tissue, a certain amount of heat dispersion coagulation will bring lasting clear skin reconstruction effects; thermal stripping: when the temperature is greater than 300 ℃ and the time is hot enough cause tissue vaporization, combustion and pyrolysis and plasma forming molecules leads to the formation of tissue trauma.

2. photodynamic reaction

Light irradiation tissue, or causing to produce a series of chemical reactions within the tissue lesion leads to a process (target tissue) is effective in the treatment or amelioration of