Introduction Laser Beauty Equipment

Basic research stage (1960): The first meaningful laser is introduced in 1960 by Maiman clinical, it can include a ruby and an emission wavelength of 694nm laser. 1961 was the ruby laser is used to peel the retina welding; in 1963, Goldman L began ruby laser used in the treatment of benign skin lesions and tattoos and success. In 1965 Goldman reported the use of the ruby laser tattoo removal is effective and very easy after treatment no scar; after applying the ND: YAG laser tattoo removal and treatment of superficial vascular malformations. 1968 Shanghai developed Nd: YAG laser.

Clinical stage (1970): 1970, Goldman L, et al. For the first time with a continuous CO2 laser treatment of basal cell carcinoma and hemangioma, due to continuous provide effective laser power and energy density, overcame early pulsed laser power is low, low efficiency, thus setting off a laser at home and abroad for the first time in medical boom.