Intense Pulsed Light Postoperative Maintenance Skills

Just after finishing the photon skin rejuvenation in Athmed Photoelectric Tech Co.,Ltd the skin with dark yellow color is now very beautiful, but the beauty still needs to know that after the intense pulsed light, the skin care should be paid more attention. In order to make beautiful skin last longer! Here we will listen to the maintenance techniques of photon skin rejuvenation introduced by experts from Athmed Photoelectric Tech Co.,Ltd Beauty Equipment!

 Intense pulsed light is the most popular beauty project today! So how to maintain the photon after skin rejuvenation? First of all, we know that after   intense pulsed light, there will be a week to clean the skin, so it is normal for the skin to deteriorate. Don't worry. After the 7th day, the most important maintenance is cleansing and deep moisturizing. In the meantime, the method of deep cleansing is to make a creamy moisturizing mask, because it will wet the dead skin and naturally fall off during the cleaning process. Never pull the wound or squeeze the knot. After finishing the creamy moisturizing mask, and then making a film of moisturizing mask, it can greatly reduce the discomfort of the face.

In general, photon skin rejuvenation maintenance steps are: 1-3 days to relieve pain waiting for scarring; 4-6 days to relieve dry itching to reduce tension; 7-14 days to initially clean and highly effective moisturizing.

The above is the maintenance knowledge after intense pulsed light, I hope to be helpful to everyone, Athmed Photoelectric beauty equipment, efficient and safe skin, you can trust!