How Should Female Office Worker Cleansing Oil

When cleaning the face, may be considered to balance oil secretion using the product suitable for combination skin, these products will feel very refreshing after washing, and cheeks are not too dry. There are many T control products, long-lasting T zone control oil secretion, while forming a matte effect .T control product in the T-zone, after application of the emulsion, wait until evenly coated powder Cream T control when applied in front of an emulsion drying.

WARNING: Some products may leave a white IRES relatively heavy imprint, so we must be careful not too thick.

Sunscreen, UV resistance

Excess sunlight will make the sweat and sebaceous glands secretion active, thereby clogging the pores, aggravate inflammation. Avoid oily and clogged pores, you can use fresh oil sunscreen, sunscreen effect they have at the same time, you can also give the skin a refreshing feeling.

A cool makeup all day oil control is an important step, do not use the high fat content of cosmetics, but should not select those anti-sweat makeup mascara, liquid foundation, etc., is more conducive to maintain a permanent makeup.

A light breakfast: salad + cold water:

A light breakfast is the secret for a long time to keep the skin fresh. With vegetables and fruit instead of espresso and instant noodles, a pot of sweet fruit salad and a bowl of oatmeal can guarantee your energetic, while not overly greasy. Of course, Do not forget to drink out in front of a large glass of cold water.