Hair Removal 'hidden Rules' |808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Of N Tips

            ------------------------    Warm summer, beautiful you   ------------------------

                                                      Passionate summer, how can you be less enthusiastic?


                                  But the armpit hair, leg hair and lip hair are not finished.


                                                           Always a "boy child"

                                                 Beauty has no relation with you.

                          Actually, depilation also has "unspoken rules”


                            As long as you know that,that’s no a problem.


1. Hair removal should be done as early as possible.

Never go near summer just think to hair remove,Laser hair removal usually takes about 3 times to remove clean,And it needs to be depilated according to the growth cycle of hair.Wait until summer the yellow cauliflower is cold.


2. Hair removal efficiency is related to skin color.

Laser hair removal depends on the melanin of hair follicles to absorb laser energy.

It destroys the hair follicles, and the melanin in the skin disperses energy.

The darker and more diffuse the skin, the more likely it is to harm the skin



  3. Related to instrument selection.

OPT depilatory instrument VS 808 diode hair removal apparatus

Multifunctional and targeted, the results are different

want to keep your hair clean

Is to choose professional!

 ●  Professional beauty hair removal instrument --808 diode laser


808 diode hair removal is the most advanced permanent hair removal method in the world.Make full use of the photopyrolysis principle of laser,the abundant melanin tissue in the hair follicle absorbs a lot of laser energy.The temperature is rising sharply.While damaging the melanin tissues such as hair follicles and hair dryness, the feeding tissues of stem cells around the hair follicles were damaged by heat diffusion, which fundamentally prevented the hair from regrowth, thus removing the hair permanently.


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