Freckle Laser Surgery What Precautions

Human face spots, then, is very much influence the appearance of the image, bring back a certain psychological pressure. Laser freckle freckle instrument is not only a beauty salon to carry out projects good assistant, but also to the people to solve the trouble spots, laser freckle postoperative care is very important, after laser freckle What precautions? Now Xiaobian to answer your questions.

Laser freckle, patients will have the same feeling of acupuncture, but most people can endure without the use of anesthetics. With a laser treatment does not require too long a time, a maximum of ten minutes. Usually seven days to 10 days and can return to normal skin, it does not affect people's normal life. After the end of each treatment, the skin should have a natural absorption of metabolic processes, and therefore the interval treatment is generally 2-3 months. Depending on the size of the lesion pigment spots, the number and depth of some one or two will be able to achieve the desired therapeutic effect, generally 4-6 times before you need to solve. Note freckle laser surgery are:

1, after laser freckle, because the skin is irradiated with laser energy, redness is a normal phenomenon, sometimes some minor bleeding, but disappear soon.

2, after laser freckle swelling may be appropriate based on the anti-inflammatory skin conditions, wounds will slowly form a scab, scab off about a week to. Treatment areas may appear temporary erythema or skin pigmentation, but this phenomenon will gradually subside, and finally back to normal.