808 Laser Hair Removal Professional Recognized Beauty Equipment

808 is recognized as a professional hair removal device, hair removal customer experience is better, can achieve the effect of painless hair removal, is the most advanced painless hair removal technology, was assessed by the World Health Organization as a hair removal gold standard.

What are the advantages of the 808 Laser Hair Removal System?

1, thorough hair removal: freezing point painless hair removal instrument can penetrate the epidermis, selectively absorbed by the melanin granules in the hair and hair follicles, resulting in photothermal effect, and then block the heat conduction within the hair, thereby completely shrink the hair follicles and hair shaft Produce hair removal. However, there is no harm around the hair follicle and it is very safe.

2. Safe and painless: The freezing point painless hair removal apparatus is a new type of method for continuous improvement of previous generations of hair removal technology. It uses the pulse principle to ensure that the heating destroys the hair follicles, but no overheating reaction will occur. Complete hair removal in a safe and painless process.

3, convenient and quick: large spot of freezing, covering a wide area, compared to other hair removal methods can greatly reduce the time required for treatment, so that treatment is more efficient. In addition, the ice point probe is in contact with the skin, and it can protect the epidermis from damage by strong cooling. It is surely effective to ensure safety.

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