Tattoo Removal Machine For All Colors

Product Details

Honeycomb micro picosecond laser AM-PN1 is a high-end laser instrument. It uses the most advanced honeycomb laser technology in the world and is currently the most popular instrument in the beauty market.


Product advantages

  1. Equipped with high homogeneous light spot, uniform energy distribution, good consistency of treatment effect and more safety.

  2. For all exogenous and endogenous pigments, the effect is more significant

  3. Short pulse width, combined with a laser rod dedicated to the industrial field, higher peak power and more complete crushing of pigments.

  4. Honeycomb light spot, relieve pain, skin damage is more minor.

  5. Intelligent water temperature control system: Avoid excessive water temperature and damage to the handle.

  6. The unique appearance design and color match make the product more beautiful and fashionable.

    Scope of application

    Remove stains

    Remove scars and acne marks

    Remove tattoos and whiten skin

    Improve skin texture


working principle:

    Utilizing the high energy emitted by the laser instantaneously, the irradiated pigment particles instantly absorb the energy and rupture, some of them become smaller fragments and are excreted from the body, and part of them are swallowed by human macrophages and excreted through the lymphatic system, thereby eliminating pigments. Since normal tissues absorb less laser light of a specific wavelength output by the instrument, it will not harm normal tissues, so the integrity of the cell framework is preserved, and there is no condition for scar formation. This is the safety of treatment that cannot be compared anywhere else at present, so To the greatest extent, it ensures that customers will not be troubled by complications after treatment.


Portable picosecond parameters

Laser type: ND: YAG solid-state laser

Laser wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm, 755nm, 1320nm

Working frequency: 1-10Hz adjustable

Pulse width: 6ns

Screen size: 10.4 inch true color touch screen

Shell material: ABS plastic + metal

Input power: 1200W

Operating language: English

Power supply voltage: AC220V; AC110V (can be customized)