AM-L2000 Laser Tatoo Removal

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Working Principle  

L2000:Picosecond laser uses the output mode of very short pulse, uses the benefit of photomechanical shock wave instead of thermal effect, smashes the target into the smallest particles, and reduces the side effects of photothermal effect to the lowest, so that almost all kinds of pigmentation can be solved. Picosecond lasers can even rejuvenate the skin and reduce the risk of pigmentation. If the pigment particles are compared to rocks, traditional lasers can break rocks to the size of pebbles, while picosecond lasers can break them into dust. At the same time, the probability of spontaneous pigmentation is greatly reduced because of the reduced thermal damage.

Advantages of machine: 

1, Advanced LED screen, , 7 joints articulated arm for light transmission.

2, The single pulse energy can be up to 1,200mj to eliminate the deeply endogenous pigmentation thoroughly and easily.

3. 500W input power, 8ps pulse width, so with the big single pulse energy, ensures all kinds of treatment of pigmented lesions.(不对改500)

4. Higher 1Hz-10Hz energy density crushes pigments more thoroughly with less skin injury.

5. Blue laser beam point guide, so it can find the right treatment area exactly

6. Alarm protection system of water flow and water temperature: protect people and machine against any risk at the first time

7. Perfect cooling system: closed-off water circulation + air cooling, good performance for long time working.

8. Melanin clearance is more efficient and faster

9.One treatment can solve many problems.

10.Super crushing effect to avoid rebound

11.Selective photoacoustic action without damage to normal tissues

The selective photoacoustic effect only affects the problem skin and does not damage the normal skin.


Wavelength: double wavelength 1064nm, 532nm

Controller: Key press display

Single-pulse: Energy 1200mj (1064nm); 600mj (532nm)

Indicator of aiming light: semiconductor aiming light, wavelength 650nm

Power : 500W

Width of pulses    ≤8ps

Pulse diameter    2mm-8mm

Frequency    1-10 Hz

Cooling manner   Closed-off water circulation + air

G.W.      110kg

Voltage     AC220V  10A  50/60Hz

Instrument dimensions   830mm×310mm×870mm

Package dimensions

980× 430 ×1000mm  not including joints arm