Laser Tatoo Removal

Product Details

 Laser Tatoo Removal Features and benefits:

1) Laser technology innovation, strict technical inspection and precise manufacturing.

2) The specially designed cooling system can ensure continuous work.

3) New stylish design.

4) Portable, shockproof and easy to transport.

5) No harm to normal tissues.

6) Remove pigmentation without side effects or scars.

7) The accurate infrared indicator makes the spot position more accurate and improves the utilization of the light spot



1.Fashion hand piece design, easy to operate

2.Infrared aiming light is optional, easy to operate.

3.One treatment heads. 1064 for Black, ink, blue tattoo; 532 for red, coffee, brown and rest colors tattoo.

4.1064 nm: treat exogenous and endogenous pigment, treatment of the color black, dark brown, bluish violet ,remove tattoo .but also can remove birthmark ,warts,nevus of Ota,nevus ect. 

5 .532 nm: treat exogenous and endogenous pigment, treatment of the color red, light brown,red is relatively slow. remove tattoo . but also can remove birthmark ,warts,nevus of Ota,nevus ect.

CE-Approved-1064nm-532nm-1320nm-Q-Switched (1)


1) Remove eyebrow, eyeliner, lip liner, etc.

2) Remove the tattoo (red, blue, black, etc.)

3) Remove spots, moles, spots, age spots, etc.

4) Remove vascular lesions and spider webs ... etc.

5) Hair removal and skin rejuvenation


Technical Parameters

Type of laser: Solid-state Q-switch Nd:YAG laser

Wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm 

Pulse duration: 10ns

Frequency: 1-10Hz

Pulse energy:2000mj

laser type:alexandrite Q-switch

Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

Power: 300W