532nm Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

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532nm Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

How does it work?  

If you are concerned about using a laser for lengthy conversations, please do not do this. The Q-switched laser has a very short pulse duration of 3 ns, which helps keep the skin free of scars. To further protect the skin, treatment usually requires multiple times. The number of courses you need depends on your tattoo. Each tattoo is different, they come in all shapes, sizes and colors, which means that some tattoos are easier to remove than other tattoos. Professional tattoos (the tattoos you get at a tattoo shop) usually take longer to remove than amateurs (one person attends a party after too much tequila shot).


1) 532nm: used to treat epidermal pigmentation, such as freckles, sun spots, epidermal melasma (mainly used for red and brown pigmentation)

2) 1064nm: used to treat tattoo removal, skin pigmentation and treatment of certain pigmentary conditions such as Ota and Hori. (mainly used for black and blue pigmentation)

3) We also have a skin rejuvenating head of your choice

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532nm Nd yag laser tattoo removal machine uses the world's most advanced ABS insulation material, strong anti-interference ability, more stable unit

Q-switched will not be permanently replaced

Dual frequency without air conditioning

Water temperature detection, water temperature can be set freely, when the water temperature is too high, it will automatically stop working.

Traffic test, when the flow is too small or stopped, the device will automatically exit the working state

Indicator light: Net imported infrared indicator light, improve point utilization, save cost and more precise processing points.

532nm Nd yag laser tattoo removal machine does not damage hair follicles, nor harm normal skin

532nm Nd yag laser tattoo removal machine is suitable for all skin types

Simple and fast processing without downtime