FHR Diode Laser Hair Removal System

Product Details

We provide you with the durable and credible fhr diode laser hair removal system whose price is not very high. Welcome to purchase customized fhr diode laser hair removal system made in China at low price with our factory.

Product Description

AM808-P, clinically proven to deliver safe and effective hair removal on all skin and hair types, is the fastest diode laser platform.

It is performed using gold standard 808nm diode laser technology, with energy penetrates deep into the dermis with high average power and a rapid 10 pulse-per-second repetition rate to heat the hair shaft and hair follicle, rather than destroy the oxygen organization around hair follicle.

Tip can eliminate the heat effect attributed to optical energy, greatly improving both the treatment performance and safety.






Laser Type

German Diode

Spot Size


Repetition Rate


Pulse Width


Peak Power



Powerful Sapphire contact cooling (-10℃~0℃ )

Stand-by Working

Continuously for 18 hours


10.4" True Color LCD Touch Screen

Electrical Requirements

240VAC110VAC, 20A max., 50/60Hz

Net Weight

55 kgs

Physical Dimension



Permanent no pain hair removal for any area of the body, such as: beard,Lip hair, armpit hair, chest hair, back hair, arm hair, leg hair, unwanted hair and so on ;

Pain-Free, Hair-Free - Comfortable Hair Removal

Effective treatment of Pigmentation, freckles,Skin elasticity improvement.


808nm wavelength Diode laser  penetrates into the dermis,and is absorbed by the targeted melanin in the hair follicles. This will form enough thermal energy to destroy the targeted follicular epithelium because of the laser-induced photothermal effect.

In contrast, the surrounding skin tissue is spared due to lack of melanin. This way, the surrounding skin remains intact, while the hair follicles are selectively affected, which leads to non-invasive permanent hair reduction.

Energy output diagnoses as below:

Spot Size:12×12mm2