808 Diode Laser Beauty Machine

Product Details

808 Diode Laser Beauty Machine


 Treatment theory:

808nm wavelength is most effectively absorbed by the melanin in the widest range of hair shades and textures The most comfortable hair removal treatment, the powerful cooling system ensure a painless treatment Efficient energy transmission, 3-4 times energy transformation than traditional diode laser


Advantages of diode medical laser hair removal:

The 808nm diode laser allows light to penetrate the skin deeper and is safer than other lasers because it avoids melanin pigments in the epidermis of the skin. We can use it to permanently reduce hair of all colors on all 6 skin types, including tanned skin.

808nm diode laser can provide fast repetition frequency up to 10Hz (10 pulses per second), and with sports therapy, it can quickly remove hair and realize large-area treatment.

The probe has excellent contact cooling technology for painless hair removal.