Fast Laser Hair Removal Machine

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• Name: 808 Diode Laser Hair Removal System
• Model: F808P
• Color: Silver, White, Gray (Can OEM)
• Certification: CE
• Note: ODM/OEM Approved

Working Principle

Fast laser hair removal machine is high in quality and popular in market. A 808 nm wavelength diode laser penetrates the dermis and is absorbed by the target melanin in the hair follicle. Due to the laser induced photothermal effect, this will create enough thermal energy to destroy the target follicular epithelium. On the contrary, due to the lack of melanin, the surrounding skin tissue is spared. In this way, the surrounding skin remains intact and the hair follicles are selectively affected, which results in a non-invasive reduction of permanent hair.


Safety: The fast laser hair removal machine has a reliable function, almost no skin scattering, no damage to the skin and sweat glands, no scars, no other side effects.

Fast: Large spot size 20 * 16mm, repetition rate up to 10 Hz, maximum output power 500w, efficient, fast processing Large processing area using FHR mode (action), reducing the original 1/5 processing time.

Efficiency: 808nm diode laser hair removal systemof fast laser hair removal machine uses the most advanced technology, more guaranteed mechanical performance, clinical effects visible, and safe.

Minor pain: The temperature of the sapphire drops to -10 °C, and instant epidermal anesthesia can be performed.

Facilities: Smart 10.4-inch touch screen display for easy operation.

Long laser width: effectively causes the hair follicle to generate heat and permanently remove hair.

Technical Specifications

Display: 10.4'' True color touch screen
Light sources: Diode(continues wave)
Modes: Pulse
Power supply:500W
Cooling system: Semlconductor+air+water
Spot size: 12mmX12mm
Fluency: Up to18J/CM2 (FHR mode) Up to 120J/CM2(HR mode)
Pulse duration: 2.88-345ms
Rated input power: AC220W/50Hz AC110W/60Hz
Net weight: 55kg
Gross weight: 75kg
Repetition rate: Up to 10Hz