Dermabrasion Jet Clear Peel Machine

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The Quantum Hydrometer is a comprehensive instrument that combines the face's multi-function operating system to improve problems such as lack of water on the face, sensitive redness of the skin, sagging skin, sagging, and aging.


1, thin face, fade wrinkles, improve firming and anti-aging

2, metabolize cytotoxins, activate cell tissue, stimulate new cells, rebuild healthy skin

3, repair fragile sensitive skin, repair acne acne pits, improve acne, sputum skin

4, hydration, promote water and oil balance, reduce pores, improve skin inflammation

5, improve dark complexion, whitening, blemishes


The new safe care concept and the small molecule hyaluronic acid extracted by years of experience. Add a variety of nutrient peptide elements, effectively give the skin fresh nutrition, promote the skin muscle repair process, strengthen the ability of nutrient absorption; deep into the muscle base, promote collagen synthesis, deep nourishment, increase skin moisture. Improve skin microcirculation, prevent metabolite sludge, make skin smooth and supple, reproduce youthful brilliance from the inside out, and enhance the skin while adding a protective barrier.



Product Name: Quantum Water Meter

Power: 215W

Water and light pressure: 1MPA

Operating head: 5

Power supply voltage: AC110V~240V

RF frequency: 4MHZ

Micro current: 1KHZ

Packing size: 46*52*27CM

Weight: 19KG (aluminum packaging)