Dermabrasion Jet Clear Peel Machine

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Dermabrasion Jet Clear Peel Machine


Vacuum SPA: The principle of water exchange and low pressure is adopted to quickly solve the skin's breathing difficulties. It also clears the lymph, removes epidermal dirt, removes keratin from epidermal metabolism, and purifies internal environmental water contaminated with various pigments. Humanized with different density water-engraving nets, suitable for any skin, using hydrodynamic circulation system, using ionized water to directly clean the pore wall inner wall attachments. Thoroughly cleans the skin while replenishing the skin with plenty of water. It can also play the role of shaping facial contours, tightening and so on. One step can make the skin fresh, transparent and smooth.

Water and oxygen rejuvenation: oxygen and nutrient solution are completely combined, at a speed of 230m / s (similar to spray), ultra-fine nozzle spray water vapor mixed particles on the skin and fine particles diameter of about 50-80um (less than the pore diameter) from Infiltration of the epidermis into the dermis (anaerobic acne bacilli in acne when in contact with oxygen) thoroughly cleans the common openings of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands (to treat the cause of acne); deep cleanses the skin while removing skin allergens, sebaceous glands and follicles Has a very good effect. For example, adding nutrients to an alkaline liquid can effectively improve the skin environment; oxygen in the water-oxygen mixed particles can effectively improve oxygen saturation in the skin environment, thereby improving skin metabolism; hair growth of water-oxygen mixed particles and water-oxygen mixed particles. The factors have a synergistic effect, while thoroughly cleaning the sebaceous glands, making the water-oxygen mixed particles the preferred treatment for seborrheic alopecia. Its physical massage function can completely replace handmade skin care.

Oxygen spray for skin regeneration: dermabrasion jet clear peel machine uses oxygen and active concentrate ingredients to apply a pure oxygen massage to the skin to replenish the skin's nutrients to maximize the effectiveness of the care product. Completely and completely solve the problem of hypoxia in the body and skin. Effectively accelerates cell metabolism and instantly restores skin's health, moisture and shine.



Remove freckles: burns, surgery, hemorrhoids pits, pockmarks and other scars.

Eliminate acne: dermabrasion jet clear peel machine effectively eliminates acne and inflammation, acne, blackheads, acne marks and more.

Cleansing and replenishing: deep cleansing, removal of the stratum corneum, minimally invasive scars, removal of blackheads and acne, while replenishing enough water;

Rejuvenation: removes spots and pigmentation, shrinks pores, whitens skin, increases skin elasticity and luster, and improves skin throughout the body;

Remove wrinkles: lip lines, wrinkles around the eyes, improved eyebrow lines, stretch marks, etc.

Hair growth: dermabrasion jet clear peel machine can effectively improve seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata and hair care;

Beautify the face, rejuvenate the skin and shape the youthful state. Suitable for bump holes, acne, primary oil particles, sores, acne marks, various stains, etc.



Speed of water vapor particles:≤230m/s  

Output voltage of inner air supplier:≤8kg  

Amount number of meter:2个 

Way of power supplying: AC220V±10%、50HZ  


Diameter of water vapor particles: ≤80um  

Rated power: ≤820W 

Insurance specification: Max10A