Skin Deep Cleaning For Face

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Skin Deep Cleaning for Face


Diamond micro-carving: 

A micro-carving tube studded with diamond particles is used to remove the aging keratin at outermost epidermis layer to promote skin renewal under assistance of a vacuum suction device applying the friction and vacuum suction principle, in order to improve skin regeneration capacity and skin quality through such removal of epidermal corneum. In addition, there are following accompanied effects: improving cell tissue, removing blemishes; promoting blood circulation, enabling ossein and elastic collagen regeneration; improving skin texture and enhancing elasticity.


Vacuum SPA:   

It is based on the water replacement and low-pressure principle and used to quickly solve the poor skin breathing problem. In addition, it can dredge the lymph vessels, remove the skin dirt, remove the keratin products of epidermis metabolism and purify the internal-environment water contaminated by a variety of pigments. By assistance of a humanized water-carving mesh face with difference density, it can be adapted to all skin types; a comprehensive ion-based water clean-up is directly applied to the deposits on the inner wall of pores by means of a powered water circulation system. Plenty of water can be replenished to the skin while thoroughly cleaning it. Moreover, it also can play a role of carving facial contour, shrinking skin and so on. One-step application can achieve the effect of making the skin fresh and permeable, supple, and baby-like.

Oxygen rejuvenation: 

Massage the skin while spraying pure-oxygen and applying essence oil containing active concentrate ingredients to add nutrients for the skin, so that the efficacy of care products can play to an extreme extent. It is a comprehensive and thorough solution to the body and skin hypoxia problems. Meanwhile, the metabolism of cells is effectively accelerated, so that the skin can immediately regain its health, moisture, and gloss. 

                        Hot and cold styles of skin care:       The research of a Japanese professor shows that the repeated skin heating up to 42 ℃ contributes to creation of HSP protein, recovery of skin cells and enhancement of skin elasticity, and thereby prevents the formation of wrinkles. Hot style of skin care up to 42 ℃ can help expand the pores to facilitate in-depth cleaning. Meanwhile, frozen skin care can instantly shrink the skin pores to lock the moisture of skin care product in the depth of skin. In the temperature range 6℃ -42℃, the care with sense of ice and warm-hot care can be alternating to promote the rapid expansion and contraction of skin, help stimulate the blood circulation underlying the skin, speed up the skin metabolism, effectively repel dark circles and slight wrinkles around eyes, and reshape skin with compactness and elasticity.


Skin deep cleaning for face has clean function: deep cleansing, removing the stratum corneum, minimally invasive scars and blackheads.

Replenishing water: cleanse the skin while replenishing enough water.

Repair: skin deep cleaning for face improve skin, shrink pores, smooth out skin and repair skin cells. Suitable for thick cuticles, dull and dull complexion, uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, lack of elasticity, sunburn and more.

Skin deep cleaning for face effectively rejects dark circles and simple eye lines, reinventing skin firmness and elasticity.

Beautify the face, rejuvenate the skin and shape the youthful state. Skin deep cleaning for face is suitable for bump holes, acne, primary oil particles, sores, acne marks, various stains, etc.


Power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50HZ □ AC110V ± 10%, 60HZ □

Rated power: 150VA

Maximum output of negative pressure: 80KPa

Specification of fuse: Max10A