Oxygen Facial Jet Peel Machine

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Oxygen Facial Jet Peel Machine

Vacuum SPA: 

Using the principles of drainage and low pressure, the problem of skin breathing disorders can be quickly resolved. Oxygen facial jet peel machine removes lymph, removes skin dirt and keratin caused by skin metabolism, and purifies the body to balance water contaminated with various pigments. Oxygen facial jet peel machine is suitable for any skin and is equipped with a water mesh of different densities. With the help of the hydraulic circulation system, you can completely remove more accessories by using ionized water directly. Oxygen facial jet peel machine thoroughly cleanses the skin while providing sufficient moisture to the skin, contouring the face, tightening the skin, and more. In just one step, the skin will look fresh, translucent, soft and young.

Vitalizing the skin via oxygen uptake: 

Hypoxia can make the skin gray, dark, and lifeless. Studies have shown that at 30 years of age, the skin's oxygen content should be reduced by 25%. At the age of 50, it can be reduced by more than 50%. Only 1% of the oxygen in the air can enter the skin. Hypoxia can make the skin gray, dark, and lifeless. Oxygen absorption can enhance the aerobic metabolism of the human cells and the nutrition of the skin, increase the elasticity of the skin, reduce wrinkles; enhance the metabolism of skin cells, reduce the pigmentation and freckle of melanin, and beautify the skin. Oxygen inhalation can also help improve hair follicle nutrition, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Some foreigners have established “youth clinics”, especially oxygen. They believe that oxygen can make people's skin shine forever. Taking 3 to 5 minutes of oxygen per day can alleviate sub-health conditions such as stress and emotional agitation.

Induced by ultrasonic wave:

Deep-penetrating ultrasound generated by 1-3 million high-frequency oscillations per second can produce soft and subtle information on skin cells, promote blood circulation of human capillaries, accelerate metabolism, activate skin cells, and help absorb nutrients. High frequency and good information on the skin can also remove aged cells and eliminate toxins, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. A variety of skin problems can be solved with the help of various beauty products or drugs. It can also cause resonance of the cells themselves, which can burn fat, improve cell water absorption and retention, and keep the skin young and soft.

Tissue-lifting by radio frequency:

Treatment is performed in a non-invasive manner by non-polar RF. The probe can emit radio waves at frequencies up to 6 million times per second. High-frequency vibrations can generate heat from molecules in the skin at temperatures between 55 and 60 degrees. Heat can shrink collagen. Over time, collagen regeneration and recombination can tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. Combined with the bio-energy generated by the frequency conversion technology, the increase in tissue temperature can completely decompose and soften the deep fat in the body and improve the lymphatic circulation.



1. Cleansing and moisturizing: deep cleansing, removing the stratum corneum, minimally invasive scars, removing blackheads and acne, while replenishing enough water;

2. Beauty and hair care: reduce melanin deposition, reduce freckle, beautify the skin; help to improve hair follicle nutrition, promote hair growth, prevent hair loss;

3. Rejuvenation: removes spots and pigmentation, shrinks pores, whitens skin, increases skin elasticity and luster, and improves skin throughout the body;

4. Remove wrinkles: enhance firmness, whiten and whiten skin, control acne, and improve wrinkles;



Output pressure of built-in air system:≤4kg  

Power supply mode: AC220V±10%、50HZ   


Specification of fuse: Max10A

Specification of fuse: 300W