Skin Care Machine

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Product Details

1. New designed single handpiece, with spot size: 50mm*10mm; 50*15mm.

2. The smallest volume of machine but with powerful energy generating system. Single OPT shot energy can reach 12j/cm2 even at the 5Hz repetition without any stop.

3. Touch LCD screen with 7". Online self checking system.

4. Water cooling + Fans cooling + Semi conductor cooling systems! No need to stop the machine after working four hours. very comfortable customer treatment experience.

5. Bigger pump to have bigger water flow and reduce lamp temp more effectively.

6. OPT/SHR shot Frequency is 1~5Hz. 

7. Shots energy is 50j/cm2(max).

8. Imported Xneon lamp with 300,000 effective shots warranty.

We provide you with the durable and credible skin care machine whose price is not very high. Welcome to purchase customized skin care machine made in China at low price with our factory.