Rf And IPL Beauty Machine

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Rf and IPL Beauty Machine

Machine: Elight+RF+IPLl+Ultrasound +Nd Yag






1. The latest Rf and IPL beauty machine! Very advanced technology! Now is the time to choose a unique product to fill the gap in the market!

By cavitation of the tip, cavitation produces a strong acoustic wave of 40,000 Hz. It quickly vibrates fat cells. Inside and outside the fat cells, it creates a large number of vacuum holes that violently hit fat cells, causing fat cells to explode. The triglyceride then decomposes into glycerol and free fatty acids.

3. The laser tattoo device adopts the Q-switch mode to break the pigment of the bad structure by using the laser emitted instantaneously.

4. Innovative OPT technology of Rf and IPL beauty machine ensures a stable energy output per pulse, providing customers with a safe and painless experience. Unique vacuum assist technology of Rf and IPL beauty machine for more effective clinical results.

5. 1M Hz RF penetrates the tissue deeper than other frequencies RF. Powerful multi-polar RF energy quickly enters the dermis skin and target tissue, saving time and treatment.


1. Handpieces:

Handle 1: OPT; E-light

for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, etc..




 Handle 2: Nd Yag laser

for tattoo removal and carbon peeling

Nd yag


Handle 3: 40K Ultrasound

Lose weight



Handle 4 RF

Lose weight, tighten skin


Independent power supply for each system, very stable energy output