Rf And IPL Beauty Machine

Product Details

IPL SHR machine principle:

AM-K3 ipl shr machine is a revolutionary technology for IPL Hair removal treatment. The traditional IPL treats your skin with high amounts of Joules (energy), AM-K3 shots multiple shots but at low amounts of Joules.

SHR mode gently heats the hair follicles. Clients feel only warmth and a slight tingling sensation, some even comparing it to a light massage

hair removal

IPL hair removal machine application

1. Lasting Hair Removal

2.Skin Rejuvenation: shrink pores, tighten skin, improve skin elasticity and glossiness.

3.Pigmentation Removal: removes various kinds of pigment such as freckles, chloasma, age spots, sunburn, etc

4. Acne Clearance


IPL hair removal machine Specification


TFT 10.4"Electricity prevention1 class BF type
Working modeOPT/IPLHandpiece connectionFast-connected
Light source Intense pulsed lightCrystal Imported sapphire
Operating modeHR FHR; SR FSRNumber of pulse1~6
FHR and FSR luminous frequency1~10Hz,step 1Rated input power2500VA
Physical Dimension550mm*450mm*430mmGross weight 55.5kg