Iced Diode Laser Hair Removal System

Product Details

Product Name

Iced Diode Laser Hair Removal System

diode laser

Product Applications

Permanent hair reduces all colored hair and all skin types - including tanning skin.

High flow, 3 different spot sizes for all treatment areas (armpits, legs, arms, bikini, face, chin, lips, chest, beard, ears, nose hair)

Iced diode laser hair removal system has large area for rapid treatment, small area treatment is more precise; spot uniform beam profile, minimizing side effects

Effective skin cooling of iced diode laser hair removal system integrated into the phone, automatic skin temperature control, gentle and convenient treatment efficiency

Product Specifications

Display : 10.4" true color LCD touch screen

Light sources : Diode(continues wave)

Laser wavelength : 808nm

Modes : FHR mode/HR mode

Power supply : 500W

Cooling system : Semiconductor+air+water

Spot size : 12mm×12mm

Fluency : Up to 25J/cm2(FHR mode) Up to120J/cm2(HR mode)

Repetition rate : Up to 10Hz

Pulse duration : 10—400ms

Rated input power : AC230V+10%,15A 60/50Hz , AC110V+10%,60Hz(optional)

Delivery : Direct coupling through sapphire tip

Electrical: 110V/220V 15Amax50/60Hz

Net weight : 40kg 

Gross Weight : 60kg 

Dimension: 580mm*400mm*480mm

Unique Advantages

1) Combined with the cooling of Sapphire Dual-Chill Tip, it is very comfortable, no need for gel or analgesics

2) The 808nm NIR laser of the Terminator Hair Removal System is most suitable for absorbing melanin, which can affect different parts and hair follicles and effectively remove any hair.

3) German original diode laser system has higher stability, longer service life and stable performance. Sapphire crystal, contact heat dissipation, really painless.

4) Make the treatment effective, painless, safe and comfortable; In addition, the continuous working time can reach 12 hours. In addition, continuous contact with the cooled epidermis provides maximum safety and comfort to the patient.

5) Microchannel system

The microchannel water cooling system no longer has transfer restrictions, is more environmentally friendly, avoids the use of Freon, but the quality is guaranteed.