Fast Hair Removal Machine

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Hair Removal, Acne Removal, Pigment Removal, Vascular Removal, Skin Rejuvenation

Treatment Theory:  
A. Hair Remova:The improved IPL with Flat-topped square wave emits varied wavelength, broad spectrum and intense pulse light;

    Flat-topped square wave means the energy is more stable and high; which permeate epidermis to the dermis of the skin;

    Utilizing the selective absorption elements, the light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. Through the optical & thermal effect generated and sourced from the light, it achieves the purpose of removing unexpected hair by rapid destroying of hair follicle tissues permanently


B.Skin rejuvenation:
    The improved super IPL system emits varied wavelength, intense pulse, broad-spectrum light;
It can permeate the cuticle to the derma and take effect on the abnormal pigment and capillary vessel;
    to break the abnormal pigment cells, close the abnormal blood vessels, stimulate the proliferation of collagen and improve the rearrangement of elastic fibers;
    Finally achieving the purpose of pigment removal and skin rejuvenation, while keeping normal skin and sweat gland in a good state.


Specification :

Screen: TFT 10.4" Electricity prevention: 1 class BF type

Rated input power supply:AC230V+/- 10%,50Hz+/-1Hz/AC110V+/-10%,60Hz+/- 1Hz

Working mode: OPT

Handpiece connection: Fast-connected

Light source: Intense pulsed light

Crystal: Imported sapphire

Operating mode: HR and FHR; SR and FSR

Number of pulses: 1~3

FHR and FSR luminous frequency :

1~10Hz, step 1

Rated input power: 2500VA

Continuous light interval of HR and SR mode: 1~3s+/-10%, step0.5

Spectra: 420/490/530/560/610/690nm 

Spot size : 50mmX15mm; 50mmX10mm 

IPL energy density : 50j/cm2(max)

Net weight: 35kg

Physical Dimension: 550mm*450mm*430mm

Gross weight : 75kg

Package :70cm*64cm*57cm (Aluminum Box)