Multifunction IPL

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Fast hair removal , Fast skin Rejuvenation , Pigmentation removal Vascular removal 


Main Spare Parts :

Double handpiece for hair removal/ skin rejuvenation

Spot size:50mmX15mm & 50mmX10mm;40mmx8mm;


warranty:500K shots


1.New designed handpiece, with spot size: 15*50mm2; 10*50mm2; Two handles are as the standard configuration. 

2. IPL power with 2000W(max 2400W), 12j/cm2-High energy density output even at 10Hz repetition without any stop, the max energy density is 50j/cm2

3. Touch LCD screen with 8“. More online self checking system to ensure the safety.

4.Water cooling + Fans cooling + Semi conductor cooling systems! No need to stop the machine after working for hours. very comfortable customer treatment experience. the temperature of the tip could reach -18OC in 5 minutes.

5. Bigger pump to have bigger water flow and reduce lamp temp more effectively;

6.  Shots repetition is 1~10Hz. For whole body treatment, it just needs even less than half hour.  

7. Imported Xenon lamp;

8. 500,000 effective shots warranty for each handpiece; 

Configuration :

1\Imported lamp;

2\Imported sapphire with big spot size of 50mm*15mm;

3\2000w IPL power supply(max.2400w);

4\Strong strcuture with steel frame and ABS outcase;

5\Double 120*240 high effeciency radiators with High wind volume fans;

6\Energy monitoring&controlling system; auto-self checking system;

7\Tip temperature:-18°C~8°C

8\Double flux sensors;

9\Plug&play handpiece connectors with auto recognize system and shots chips inside;

10\ 12 hours non stop working

Specification :

Screen: TFT 8" Electricity prevention: 1 class BF type

Rated input power supply:AC230V+/- 10%,50Hz+/-1Hz/AC110V+/-10%,60Hz+/- 1Hz

Working mode : OPT

Handpiece connection: Fast-connected

Light source : Intense pulsed light

Crystal : Imported sapphire

Spectra : 420/490/530/560/610/690nm

Spot size : 50mmX15mm; 50mmX10mm

IPL energy density : 50j/cm2(max)

Operating mode : HR and FHR; SR and FSR

Number of pulse : 1~3

FHR and FSR luminous frequency :

1~10Hz,step 1

Rated input power : 2500VA

Continuous light interval of HR and SR

mode : 1~3s+/-10%, step0.5

Net weight : 58kg

Physical dimension:560mmX490mmX1040mm

Gross weight : 75kg

Package :67cm*61cm*117cm (Aluminum Box)