IPL Beauty Machine

IPL Beauty Machine
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FDA Approved ipl hair removal opt shr hair removal machine vertical

Product Description



1.New designed handpiece, with spot size: 10mm*50mm; 50mm*15mm for optional. 

2. 12j/cm2-High energy density output even at 5Hz repetition without any stop; The max energy density is 50j/cm2

3. Touch LCD screen with 8".  realtime self checking system to ensure the safety.

4.Water cooling + Fans cooling + Semi conductor cooling systems! No need to stop the machine after working for hours. very comfortable customer treatment experience. the temperature of the tip could reach -18OC in 5 minutes.

5. Bigger pump to have bigger water flow and reduce lamp temp more effectively;

6.  Shots repetition is 1~5Hz. For whole body treatment, it just needs half hour.  

7. Imported Xenon lamp; 300,000 effective shots warranty for each handpiece; 



Screen: TFT 8" Electricity prevention: 1 class BF type

Rated input power supply:AC230V+/- 10%,50Hz+/-1Hz/AC110V+/-10%,60Hz+/- 1Hz

Working mode : OPT

Handpiece connection: Fast-connected

Light source : Intense pulsed light

Crystal : Imported sapphire

Spectra : 420/490/530/560/610/690nm

Spot size : 50mmX10mm;50mmX15mm(Optional) ; 

IPL energy density : 50j/cm2(max)

Operating mode : HR and FHR; SR and FSR

Number of pulse : 1~6

FHR and FSR luminous frequency :1~3Hz,step 1

Rated input power : 2500VA

Continuous light interval of HR and SR mode : 1~3s+/-10%, step0.5

Physical Dimension: 45mm*40mm*100mm

Net Weight: 45kg

Package :64cm*53cm*117cm (Aluminum Box)

Gross Weight: 63KG

 FDA Approved ipl hair removal opt shr hair removal machine vertical


Five filters for  No I Hot !!Super  fast  hair removal opt shr machine

1)  430 Wavelength   Remove angiotelectasia

      Angiotelectasia is abnormal tinyblood vessel, when the photon shine your skin, it will shut the abnormal tiy blood vessey

2)  530 Wavelength  Remove many kinds spots

      When the photon shine your skin, it will suck→decomposit→eliminate your spots.

3)   560 Wavelength  Skin rejuvenation

    When the photon shine our in skin , it stimulatecollagen to grow lastingand make elastic fibers to rearrange .

4)   640 Wavelength   Hair Removal

     The photon is shining which is destorying the hair follicle.When the hair follicle is destoried ,the destoried hair follicle will never grow hair again

5)  690 wavelength  skin liftin


We offer you high quality Beauty and Personal Care Equipment and excellent before and after-sell SERVICES!


Basic Services

1, Can buy 1 set for test order.

2, 24 hours online, can reply Quickly.

3, Pick up you to our factory come and back.

4, Have Many Models BEAUTY EQUIPMENT, you have enough choice.

5, Short Production time and delivery.

6, Quality Inspecting.


Customized Services

1, We have own Research and Development Department,to produce new machines every month.

2, We have Inspection Team, to check and control the quality well.

3, For packing and loading, we accept customers requirement.


After-sale Services

When clients receive the goods, if any quality problems, pls contact us freely.

We will have a discuss about it to make you satisfied.

And we never let it happen next time.