Precautions after Laser Tattoo Removal

Caution laser tattoo removal to read as follows:

1) by one or more laser treatment may disappear or reduce the dye.  

2) laser tattoo removal treatment were superficial, generally do not appear scars.

3) laser to remove pigment changes may occur shortly after the tattoo treatment, will disappear after a few months.

4) a small area in the local treatment only slight swelling. When treating a large area around the eyes, especially the treatment appears

Significant swelling, three, go away after five days.

5) after laser tattoo removal may have mild swelling, light brown scab, pay attention to protect the wound, cleaning available some lipSlip drugs, prohibit early to scab, let off on their own.

6) the treated area more sensitive to sunlight, so within three months after treatment should avoid the sun.

7) three weeks before receiving treatment also try to avoid the sun, so as not to interfere with the therapeutic effect.

8) laser treatment within the first week should avoid taking drugs of aspirin.