Laser tattoo will hurt?

Laser tattoo removal machine for people to get rid of tattoos provide a very desirable method is that people trusted choice. Laser tattoo removal is less painful, but it is not without pain, depending on individual sensitivity to pain and tattoo location, size and other patterns, but even if the pain is completely tolerable. Laser tattoo removal machine can be instantly shattered energy fragments pigment granules, broken part of pigment granules excreted directly, the other part is macrophage phagocytosis excreted with the lymphatic circulation. Laser action is highly selective to the surrounding normal skin does not produce damage, no side effects after laser tattoo removal, leaving no scars.

Laser tattoo sense of pain is small, the effect of laser cleaning the tattoo with a variety of factors, such as occupational tattoo general levels deep, pigment content, color depth, with a variety of colors, complex composition, treatment needs 8-12 times, laser tattoo removal is not easy to complete. Amateur tattoos more superficial level and mostly carbon-containing pigments, light color, easy to cure, usually 4-6 times. Treatment according to their tattoo of different colors and different, the same color tattoo pigments may contain completely different, with different laser absorption characteristics.