IPL how to get rid of freckles?

Brown pigment spots like freckles are part of the sun occurs calm skin diseases, with the season, the sun has a relationship, it will increase after the sun in summer and winter to reduce the aggravation. IPL is IPL intense pulsed light, and radiofrequency RF skin cooling technology as one of the intelligent system, IPL intense pulsed light may be unique cleavage skin color groups, combined with the RF energy is coupled, to maximize light and heat role differentiation cleavage freckles pigmentation spots, freckles and achieve the purpose. IPL as a protective skin cooling technology, will not damage normal skin tissue, patients experience more comfortable.

IPL hair removal is not only capable of whitening, and get rid of freckles good effect, no side effects, convenient and safe treatment, is recognized as essential to freckles beauty instrument. IPL is the need to get rid of freckles 3-5 times, once a month, in order to quickly remove freckles, but also can improve people's facial redness problems. IPL will have little to go after freckles scars, but to attach great importance to the work of post-operative care, freckles treatment site relatively fragile, easily damaged, but in a week or two will recover. Inflamed situation is normal, some may be a little severe, but will subside on their own, do not worry too much and fear, but also pay attention to daily sunscreen, do not eat spicy greasy food, etc.