Inventory of the pros and cons of laser freckle

Laser freckle advantages:

1. Seamless, secure, no damage to the surrounding normal skin tissue.

2. The bottom side effects, does not cause allergies or capillary tissue lesions.

3. The recovery period, treatment times less, especially melanoma and skin rejuvenation effect subsided significantly.

Laser freckle disadvantages:

Improper operation prone to burns the skin, causing redness, blisters phenomenon. Although this is more professional Qubanqudou method, but if done incorrectly, there will be damage to the eye retina, a serious cause of blindness. Light allergy, diabetes, high blood pressure, mental illness, pregnant women, the last two weeks have been exposure or facial inflammation, or because of gynecological diseases caused by people like melasma, freckle not suitable for laser treatment .