Factors that affect the skin fit what

(1) food factors. Overeating, excessive alcohol or partial eclipse caused by malnutrition, which can lead to premature aging of skin.

(2) genetic factors. Congenital adverse effects skin fitness, there are generally three reasons aspects: ① parents of poor physical fitness. ② inbreeding caused the offspring deficiencies. `③ embryonic development unfortunately affected, such as pregnant women, drug use, alcohol consumption, smoking, malnutrition caused by congenital bad offspring.

(3) make-up factor. Improper use of cosmetics caused Huarong pale, many examples in this regard. According to the data: facial spots disease more common in middle-aged women love make-up. Common improper use of cosmetics in the following case: ① regularly makeup, application may be too much powder, cheek presentation maroon. Cosmetics coated too thick, too, hinder sweat glands, sebaceous gland secretion, excretion, causing redness, rash, swelling and other allergic phenomena. ② abuse cosmetics. Such as oily skin oily cosmetics cause seborrheic dermatitis. ③ indiscriminate use of nutritional skin care products. Such as adolescent girls and oily skin to use nutritional skin care products lead to skin nutrition, rough skin, swelling and so on.