E light therapy precautions

1, during the operation to protect the customer's eyes, allow customers to close their eyes or wear protective glasses.

2, do not repeat the forehead spot (over it again).

3, after thermal treatment to ice disappear.

4, good sunscreen 7 days after treatment.

5,3 days not used hot water (water temperature over) wash the treatment site, can not rub the treated area.

6,3-7 days of therapeutic efficacy can not be used in cosmetics, nor can silty (such as foundation, BB cream, foundation containing sunscreen, etc.) cosmetics.

7, the emergence of allergies to stop the irradiation immediately, while oral chlorpheniramine and other anti-allergy drugs.

8, before the period until the next hair removal hair removal are not self-scratching, pulling hair treatment site, so as not to affect the treatment effect.

9, after the treatment site are dry, you can use some moisturizing cosmetics, facial mask, or you can use some aloe vera gel, may also wipe wipe face elsewhere in the body.