RF Face Lifting Machine

Product Details

RF face lifting machine

Radar line carving


HIFU radar V-carving

HIFU principle: mechanical wave + RF + focus

Suitable for face, head lines, striated lines, neck lines, sagging skin, etc.

The skin must be kept in the working medium, so it is necessary to apply a liquid product on the face: such as stock solution, essence, hyaluronic acid, gel, etc.

Radar line carving-2

Selling point:

Mechanical wave (also called ultrasonic knife) + RF two functions combined, it can be said that the purchase of a HIFU is equivalent to the purchase of two instruments, HIFU's ultrasonic knife function has 3.0 and 4.5 two depth adjustment no consumables, no hair limit.

Product parameters:

Product model: Z-1804

Power supply voltage: 90-220V

Working voltage: 24V

Power: 24W

Working frequency: 2MHZ

Instrument size: 4.2*4*17cm

Color box size: 21*15*7cm

Weight: 0.5kg

Outer box size: 52*52*39cm

Weight about 24kg (40 boxes can be loaded in one box)