Home low price Laser Super Hair Removal System

Product Details

Home low price Laser Super Hair Removal System


 The theory : 

  808nm diode laser hair removal treatment will be accomplished when destroying hair follicle unit by using thermal damage of laser fluent, thus inhibiting future hair regrowth by follicle. The widely optional pulse duration (20 to 1000ms) of 808nm diode laser system can produce thermal damage in hair matrix stem cells and ensure follicle destruction. 

  In order to minimize the uncomfortable feeling of thermal damage to the surrounding tissues, an efficient skin-cooling system(sapphire contact cooling tip) was used to chill the skin before, during and after the whole treatment course. Therefore, 808nm diode laser is more effective to treat dark skin.


Application : 

 Permanent hair removal ,

 skin rejuvenation

 skin care 

 Skin cooling and heating 

Our Advantages

Handpiece Inductry Design
*Safe and reliable, comforming to medical level plastic shaping with ABS material
*Ergonmically designed outline

Handpiece Smart Design
*Embedded intelligent module, more intuitive operation status, handpiece replacement as well
*Perfect combination of water refrigertion and semi-conductor referieration with long endurance

Handpiece Supporter Design(Sapphaire cooling -4℃~10℃)
*Perfect match of aluminum alloy and ABS plastic shaping art makes the supporter more stable
*Completely wrapped supporter helps avoid damage to human body by unexpected laser emitting


 Class I

Output wavelength


Output energy 


Power input

100 ~ 120vac/200 ~ 240vac; 50/60HZ